1. Question: What if I do not have a good erg score, but I row better on the water? Will college coaches still look at me?

Answer: Every college program has a different strategy when it comes to their recruiting guidelines or requirements, but I can guarantee the one thing they will all ask all potential athletes is what their 2,000 meter erg score is. Being a great technical rower will put you ahead of the game, but having a respectable erg score will be your first step to getting looked at.  ErgKarma will provide a safe, nurturing environment free of negative energy to allow each athlete to perform at their potential.  We will teach you to overcome your fear or hatred of the erg and learn to use it as an effective training tool.

2. Question: what will i learn about rowing in college and the recruiting process?

Answer: ErgKarma coaches have been recruiting for decades and will give you all the information you will need to make the best college decision for you.  We will explain the differences between Division I, II, III, and Club programs, as well as what exactly is required by you from the NCAA.  We will breakdown the recruiting time frame based on your class year and offer a step-by-step guideline to help you plan ahead.  We also offer individual college counseling, resume writing, personalized erg videos to offer coaches, marketing strategies, advice on getting great recommendations, tips on communicating with coaches, what to expect on unoffical/offical visits and information on anything and everything else you will need to know throughout the recruiting process.  All of ErgKarma's seminars, including the recruiting guidelines will be provided to each athlete electronically (Save paper, Save trees, Save the world!).

3. Question: what if I have never done yoga before?

Answer: The beauty of yoga is that it is beneficial for everyone - experienced or novice.  There are a variety of modifications that are offered to maximize each individual's ability.  You will want to wear light, stretchy clothes, be comfortable in bare feet and be considerate of your neighbors space once you are on your mat (which we will provide for you). Some of the many physical benefits of yoga include increased muscle strength and tone, improved balance, increased stamina, protection from injury, more efficient breathing, improved flexibility, better posture, and more. Mentally yoga engages the individually in meditation, increases focus and awareness, and can calm your mind.  Yoga is becoming a common practice for rowing teams' performance enhancement throughout the world.

4. question: what if i do not have experience weight training?

Answer: Then you will definitely benefit from the ErgKarma experience!  We will teach proper technique on each lift in order to maximize the benefit and prevent injury.  You will be provided with a systematic and progressive rowing specific training program tailored to your ability and strength.  Coaches will always be present during lift sessions and video analysis will be provided to help perfect form.

5. question: will i get a personal record on my 2k if i attend ergkarma?

Answer: Your progress at camp will be a direct result of the work you put in each and every day. Every rower will train on the erg, learn proper technique and develop individual strategies to overcome daily practice hurdles.  Coaches will do anything we can in order to help you get faster; and expect effort, patience and commitment in return.  Our program will provide you the tools needed to make you a stronger, faster rower and help lower 2000 meter times.  We fully believe that with hard work and 100% dedication you will improve.  The beauty of karma is you get to decide your own fate! 

6. question: can my parents/family/friends stay to watch me practice?

Answer: The first day of camp will include an optional "Parent/Guardian Coffee Break and Boathouse Tour".  They will have an opportunity to meet the coaches, view the facility and ask questions.  In order to provide a neutral, supportive environment to learn and grow we ask that only athletes are present during our camp hours.  Parents are more than welcome to reach out to coaches and set up meetings prior to the start of camp or after a practice if needed.

7. Question: what if i have to miss a practice due to a prior COMMITMENT?

Answer: We understand that life happens.  We highly encourage each athlete to attend all practices in order to maximize their experience, but will provide supplemental workouts to be completed at home when notified in advance of an absence. Feel free to email ErgKarma@gmail.com for information on more specific situations.

8. Question: what do i need to bring to camp?

Answer: Each ErgKarma student will be provided with an electronic Welcome Packet with specific details on the camp, but please be prepared to come each morning dressed in appropriate workout attire, socks/sneakers and bring a water bottle, a workout towel, any necessary medications/inhalers and a preferred snack (optional).

9. question: what is the cost of the camp and what does it include?

Answer: ErgKarma costs can be found under the JOIN NOW! button on the top right of the website and include all coaching/equipment fees, an ErgKarma shirt, Training Journal, snack, personal erg video and electronic manual of all seminars.  

Note: Refunds will be offered up to 10 business days prior to the first day of camp minus a 10% processing fee.