Rowing: a lifelong sport

Regardless of whether you are a current high school student, recent graduate who is planning on joining a college rowing team or a member of a collegiate rowing program, you will gain valuable knowledge about furthering your rowing career.  ErgKarma students are ages 14-22 and will receive information and guidance on recreational, club and collegiate rowing programs in order to help them understand the options for rowing after high school. Our coaches are experienced recruiters and will provide individual counseling to help you make important decisions regarding your future rowing career. ErgKarma students will also receive information on what to expect from rowing in college, as well as seminars from current collegiate rowers. Examples of some of the topics we will cover include:

  • What to expect from college training
  • Benefits of being a student-athlete
  • Academic resources available
  • Study Hall Requirements
  • Making a great first impression
  • Tips on how to effectively manage your time
  • Managing academics with team travel
  • Communicating with coaches/university personnel
  • Earning/Increasing athletic scholarship
  • Differences between Division I, II, III & Club Programs
  • NCAA Requirements
  •  Recruiting Time Frames
  • Step-By-Step Monthly Guidelines
  • Resume Writing
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Advice on Recommendations
  • Communicating with Coaches
  • What to Expect on an Official Visit/Unofficial Visit
  • Scholarship Opportunities

ErgKarma Athletes have gone on to compete at the following college rowing programs:

I attended both the ErgKarma Summer Camp and the ErgKarma Winter Bootcamp in 2016. The coaches helped me become physically stronger by implementing a workout schedule that included erging, body/weight training, respiratory exercises, and yoga/flexibility. However, the biggest take-away I got from both camps was the mental training I received. The invaluable mindfulness lessons—coupled with and working out in a motivational atmosphere—allowed me to best implement the physical gains I made. I continue to take with me everything I learned at camp especially mindfulness and confidence on the erg. The camp provides an in-depth look into what it really takes to be successful in the sport beyond high school because the coaches are also seasoned college recruiters. The state-of-the-art facility had various types of workout machines that we used and everything was kept clean and well-organized. It was a welcoming place where girls from area high schools came together to push each other to become better. I recommend ErgKarma to any female rower with the desire to improve in a fun, energetic atmosphere!
— ErgKarma Athlete