ErgKarma is a land training program that strives to empower young female rowers to reach their full potential. We are committed to providing the best camp experience to athletes who want to get stronger, faster, and tougher - both physically and mentally.

Our Mission

ErgKarma is dedicated to helping you achieve your rowing goals.  We seek to develop future high school and collegiate champions by using a variety of training techniques and educating rowers on the necessary mental skills needed to overcome the hurdles of our sport. We will also help you navigate the possibilities for continuing your rowing career after high school and offer college recruiting counseling to each individual.  

It is our mission to inspire young female athletes and grow the rowing community.

OUR Process

ErgKarma is an experience that allows aspiring rowers to explore all aspects of their training and fully immerse themselves in the process of getting physically and mentally stronger.  While there is no substitute for consistent hard work and a competitive physical training regimen, we believe in educating and practicing mental strategies in order to enhance the individual's performance.  

Karma (car-ma) is a word meaning the result of a person's actions, as well as the actions themselves.  It is a term about the cycle or process of cause and effect. According to the theory of Karma, what happens to a person, happens because it was caused by the person's actions.

Here at ErgKarma, we train your whole person -  mind, body and spirit - on your individual road to success.  The more effort, determination and courage you put into your daily practice will make you a stronger, faster and more competitive racer.  Remember, what you put into our sport is what you will get out of it - that's the Karma!

Every morning you have 2 choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.
— Author Unknown

What we cover

  • Individual Assessments
  • Mental Skills Training
  • Learn / Improve Stroke Technique
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Inspiratory Muscle Training
  • Video Analysis
  • Nutrition for Athletes
  • Time Management Skills
  • College Recruiting Counseling
  • Collegiate Counseling for HS graduates